Our Purpose, Our Mission, Our Goal

We want India to become manufacturer of world producing quality products at competitive prices supplying to world over. In manufacturing most of the products, India is far behind of China and other Far East countries. India has not competed in global market with quality, prices and mass production. We want to change that. We want to help India to become world’s finest manufacturer and compete with all the other countries in quality quantity pricing sophistication and technology.

India has all the talented manpower, world’s largest and youngest workforce. All it will take is training, guidance, and dedication of determination to be world’s industrial power which world can envy.

From US “Make It In India” Organization

  • We will identify and provide Information of products needed to be made in India by various USA manufacturers, distributors and users.
  • We will evaluate need of products made in India for the manufacturers in India to evaluate their products and its market in USA for the manufacturer who signs up in our website for their product and other information
  • We will study and evaluate quantity, quality, price point, delivery and logistics for the products to be purchased by USA and exported to USA
  • We will be point of contact of US customers for Indian businesses. Negotiate and explain process including comfort level to customers including providing physical address in USA for Indian businesses
  • We will help to Indian suppliers to help analyze the credibility of US buyers, Letter of Credits, payment terms, mode of shipping and distribution and payment plans
  • When interest and orders materialize, we will assist Indian manufacturers to provide quality products at competitive price through our expert in that industry
  • If needed we will provide assistance in obtaining licensing rights, joint venture, buyouts with US and Indian companies.
  • Assist attending Indian suppliers for trade shows and exhibition in USA.
  • We will identify of US manufacturer who wants to own plant and manufacture its products in India.

These are services provided at no cost or minimum cost. The purpose of our services is to pay back to our mother land. We recognize that the cost in USA is very high and average company in India cannot effort it and do not have resources. Our resources are all trained brain, retired engineers and businessman who were educated in india for their bachelors or master’s degree.

"We will be honored to be of service to India"