RAVAL 361 325,


Honorable PramukhshrI

Nagarpalika Office, Gujarat State, India


As a leader, elected officer and well-wisher of your village/town we would like you to help us to help your town. Our economy is primarily dependent on agriculture and your town may not be exception. Agricultural income is limited due to size, quality, rainfall and weather of farm land. While continue to promote agriculture, we should develop other resources such as small and large industries, services and distribution of products to bring income and employment in your town making town’s economy stronger.

We are a non-government group of individuals helping to promote local businesses and trades in villages and urban areas. This service is free to all Gramodhyog, (Cottage Industries), other industries, businesses and trades. Our organization is established to promote businesses and industries in rural and urban area under “WWW.MAKEITININDIA.ORG”

Your current trades and businesses have its selling and distribution limited to your town and surrounding area. We help them to grow and sell everywhere at no cost to them. We also help them ONLINE to provide knowledge and training to make their product better and at lower cost.

We set up a website for their individual businesses where a business can have all its information of products and services on line and can sell all over in towns in state out of state and worldwide.

We would like your help as a leader and well-wisher of town to promote their businesses. Please discuss and circulate this letter to the businesses and industries. They can fill out the attached form and send to us and we will get in touch with them. We will design and float their website, at no cost to them. They will sell product and collect income; we would not act as middleman. We will help only when they ask if they have problem or need advice training etc.

Please visit the website www.makeitinindia.org it is self-explanatory and gives all the detail of what we do. We are attaching a form to be filled out and mailed or emailed to us of businesses which are interested to promote their business on website. Looking forward to work with you. If you have any questions, please email us at newbiz@makeitinindia.org or Kishn Thakrar at +919067218192 Phone or WhatsApp.

Respectfully with regards: