About Us

Makeitinindia.org is a not for profit web portal introduced by a group of highly experienced and educated retired Indian engineers from USA. The group has decided to benefit India with their expertise, experience and knowledge. Makeitinindia is such an attempt that also supports the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ambitious campaign "Make in India".

Makeitinindia is a marketplace that connects buyers with domain experts and manufacturers. It is a unique pedestal and platform which gives buyers, manufacturers and sellers a wonderful opportunity to the Indian business community to promote themselves to the foreign buyers. This also explores the potential from USA and worldwide to get licensing rights, joint ventures, technology transfers and mutual investments.

From Founders Corner

One of the biggest problem India faces is its dependency mostly on agriculture. I do not know nationwide but villages are dependent primarily on agriculture income. In most of the villages there are very few industries hardly contributing 10% to 15% of income. The real income per head in villages are very low.

During independence movement Mahatma Gandhi tried to spearhead cottage industries such as Khadi and other Gramoudhyogs without much success.

In 1983 I acquired Aetna Pipe Products in Chicago USA. When I acquired it was 50 years old company making primarily electrical lamp parts. It made simple products like tubing, nipples, nuts and fittings. During 85, 86 we had hard time to compete against the imported products from Taiwan. We just could not make price competitive. Read More